empower |em’pou(-ə)r|
verb [ trans. ]
  • enable (someone) to do (something) : MSquared will
    empower your company to enter foreign markets.
  • [ trans. ] make (a business) stronger and more confident.


MSquared provides the local insight and expertise you need to profit from the opportunities that exist world wide today.

Each Foreign marketplace and sales culture is unique and can be very different compared to European. MSquared Corporate Solutions LLC ("MSquared"), is a U.S. limited liability company, headquartered in Miami and devoted to fostering trade between Italy and Foreign countries. Our mission is to further the development of commerce of small and medium sized business and improve the Italian business presence abroad. With MSquared support, we believe your company can enter International markets faster and with less financial risk compared to internal company efforts. MSquared provides the local insight and expertise you need to profit from the opportunities that exist world wide today.

In Italy and other foreign countries, MSquared is ready to assist your business from every point of view.

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MSquared is active in a whole host of sectors and can represent your company in a variety of sales functions. Below are listed our standard representation services. Please keep in mind that MSquared is willing and prepared to adjust these services in order to meet your individual business requirements and needs: from basic representation services, to larger initiatives requiring the development and execution of a focused and aggressive marketing plan.

Standard representation services:

MSquared analyses your company, products and services in order to be able to intelligently discuss with prospective customers and represent your company. Once the initial contact is made and the necessary information is gathered, MSquared can follow your guidelines: MSquared can collect the basic information from the prospect and forward it immediately and directly to your attention for further action;

MSquared can act as a communication liaison between your office and the prospect, providing local administrative services and assistance;

Once your Foreign business begins to grow as a result of your strategic partnership with MSquared, you may need to localize more of your operations. We can help you find and establish successful partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers and other key-players within your industry;

Abroad as well as in Italy, doing business from a legal standpoint is very important. By all means a foreign legal system can be very difficult to navigate unless you are familiar with its customs. MSquared can assist you in legal matters to ensure that all details are handled. In fact MSquared counts on a network of professionals both in Italy and other foreign countries ready to assist your business from every corporate point of view from legal assistance to accounting, from Governmental lobbying intervention to implementing supply chain solutions.